Yoga for Weight Loss
Instructor: Zoa Conner

Weight loss is hard. You deprive yourself and slog through work-outs, but never realize results. The problem isn't you. The solution is in your thinking. Yoga philosophy will help you navigate the mental and emotional aspects of weight loss, discover greater wellness, and learn to appreciate yourself and your journey. As you shed unneeded pounds, you will find a new equilibrium point where weight maintenance is joyful. During Jan/Feb, join us for 6 yoga practices focused on loving kindness to the self, honoring personal needs and desires, finding your own truths, and being honest with yourself. Also, get 6 additional mat classes of your choice, registration in the Nutrition for Weight Loss Workshop on Jan 26, and entry into our January Wellness Challenge!

Yoga for Weight Loss Class Dates/Times 
5 pm Sunday Jan 20, 2019
7 pm Friday Jan 25
8:15 am Saturday Feb 2
7 pm Friday Feb 8
5 pm Sunday Feb 17
8:15 am Saturday Feb 23

If you can not attend one or more of these dates, you may opt into a different yoga class on our regular schedule as a replacement.

Wellness Challenge runs from January 19, 2019 through March 2.