InBody Body Composition Scans

with Andrea Kawano Dupuy

Step on the InBody machine and BAM! In just 1 minute, uncover details about your current body composition in terms of muscle, fat, and water. Andrea will help you interpret your results and suggest steps to take to achieve your goals of weight loss, muscle gain, or looking better in your clothes! Thanks, Andrea Kawano Dupuy!

The Inbody body composition analyzer is our accurate and reliable resource for tracking changes in composition over time. It uses bioelectric impedance to send a current through your body which moves differently through muscle, water, and fat tissue. The results print-out gives all the information you need to set and track your progress towards concrete goals, including pounds of skeletal muscle, body fat and lean mass, as well as a segmental analysis of those things and your basal metabolic rate. Whether you’re working with our trainers and dietitians or going at it on your own, it is the perfect tool to keep you motivated and away from trusting that silly scale.

Scan once. Then scan again a few months later. What kinds of changes did you make?