Step inside Breathe's Magic Circle!

It is a special space where like-minded people share a passion for quality instruction, optimal wellness, on-going learning, and community support; a place where everyone works together to achieve both personal and collective goals; a home away from home where your ideas and input are valued and integrated. 

You may ask, "Where is this Shangri La? How do I get there?" 

From Breathe's perspective, you are already here. Every time you share our posts, every time you wear our shirt around town, and every time you bring a friend to class, you expand our reach and potential for success. We really want to thank you for giving us purpose, for helping us grow, and especially for sharing your magic with us.  

When you participate in Breathe's Magic Circle, we get to recognize your dedication with gifts and discounts. It's easy. Just keep doing what you are already doing . . . and tell us about it. 

Earn Points and Use them to attend our next Magic Circle Event!

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