New for 2019!

Youth Summer Camp

A child’s true genius begins with creativity, and creativity is at its peak when we are fully present in our bodies. Join Angie and Leo for this fun, week-long workshop where we’ll combine exercise, art, and creativity in a mindful way!

Leo Jonsson is the oldest of four siblings, a high school sophomore honor student and theater stage manager, current yoga teacher in training, and a certified child care provider through the American Red Cross. His love of the arts and all things creative has led him to some rich experiences in working with children and families in a variety of ways. Whether it is staging a play where his brothers and cousins are the cast, organizing children's activities for his Aunt's community farmer's market, assisting with Nashville's Create-Art-Love workshop series, or simply spending the day blowing bubbles and painting with his 3 year old twin brothers, Leo finds ways to get young people to relax and enjoy the creative process.
Angie Jonsson 
is a mother of four, an ACSM Ceritified Exercise Physiologist, strength and conditioning teacher and lifetime student of life! Prior to having her own children and entering the health and wellness industry, Angie taught private school Science, Health, and Physical Education to grades Pre K-8. Her life since giving birth to her first child, Leo (16), has been a steady dance in finding the balance between pursuing her passions and raising her children to do the same. Angie has been volunteering in classrooms of children since the age of 10, often working with her mother, a special educator of over 40 years. Her clinical experience and work in Cardiopulmonary Rehab led her to develop and implement, with staff nurses and dietitians, an exercise and nutrition program designed to educate and inspire families to wellness. Her passion is assisting people to find the balance between work and relaxation, and tapping into the creativity that lies in this balance.