Homeschool Program

Our Healthy Body, Happy Mind Homeschool Program is designed for ages 5+.
Classes are appropriate for children of all abilities.
Sessions are 6 weeks long. 
The Winter Session begins February 5, 2019 and ends March 15, 2019.

Option 1:
Strength & Wellness
Tuesday 12-12:45 pm 
Instructor: Angie

Learn how to keep your body happy and strong while moving and having fun! All of our bodies' systems work together so we can grow, stretch, jump, push, pull, lift, and run, and more. Join Angie for an adventure around the body, top to bottom--side to side--front to back--as you learn how your muscles and bones connect to make you, YOU! Each week, we will focus on a different system and learn about its jobs and how it helps power your whole body system. Be prepared to move, learn and laugh!

Option 2:
Zumba & Mindfulness
Friday 10:45-11:30 am
Instructors: Tashia and Sylvia

This integrated program provides a unique opportunity for homeschoolers to learn about their bodies and subtle bodies by combining the aerobic benefits of Zumba with mindfulness training. Tashia's Zumba for Kiddos blends dance and cardio elements with upbeat music to get kids moving before they realize they are working out. Benefits include improved muscle tone and endurance, better coordination and gross motor skills, elevated mood, and enhanced self esteem. After a short rest, Sylvia will share calming yoga, breathing, and meditation techniques that are proven to  increase attention span, improve impulse control, cultivate empathy, and foster both self-awareness and self-acceptance. Each segment is 20 minutes with a 5 minute break in between. Open to all children ages 5+.