Client Spotlight - Barb P.

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More Bang for your Buck with Metabolic Training

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If you feel like you’ve reached a plateau with your current fitness routine, or if you want to work out but have trouble finding time, consider Metabolic Training. Don’t be intimidated by the name or the images it may conjure. Yes, it is an approach used by bodybuilders to achieve “ripped” or “shredded,” and it is unfortunately associated with “working out until you throw up.” However, when practiced under the supervision of a qualified instructor, Metabolic Training is safe, effective, and fun.

Metabolic Training combines structural, compound, and resistance exercises completed in quick succession with brief intervals of rest. Basically, every joint articulates, every muscle fires, and added weight helps build muscle mass. It is anaerobic – there is no running, jumping, or dancing – but cardio capacity increases because of the continuous effort. It is intense, but that intensity creates an efficient workout that achieves real results.

As the name suggests, the biggest effect is on the metabolism. During a 30-minute class, expect to burn 500 calories. That sounds great, right? It gets even better! AFTER class is over, continue to burn at a 10-25% higher rate for up to 48 hours. Some people experience increased fat burn for up to 72 hours! Metabolic training also helps to balance hormone levels, builds strength and muscle endurance, improves cardio-vascular fitness, and assists development of functional movement. There is virtually no down-side.

Whether in conjunction with your regular routine or the one class you commit to each week, adding metabolic training will help you reach your fitness goals. You will build lean muscle mass, sculpt noticeable definition, and most of all, burn off the stubborn fat. If you make the investment in yourself, the payoff will be amazing!

Boutique Studio or Big-Box Gym?

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Familiar faces. Personalized attention. Windows that open and natural sunlight every morning. If this isn’t how you are greeted where you work out, please consider adjusting your expectations. Boutique fitness may sound like a fad or something only a movie star can afford. In reality, this contemporary approach to health and well-being can help you reach your goals faster because the focus stays on you.

The difference starts with the staff. Highly trained instructors offer specialization. Pilates, yoga, Restorative Fascial Movement, Zumba, Barre, personal training, and guided meditation give you variety and options to keep your workouts fresh. You choose whether you need challenge or rejuvenation. Flexible scheduling offers everything from early morning sessions before your commute, midday private appointments, evening fitness sessions to weekend workshops. Whether you join a small group class or opt for private training, experienced instructors monitor every movement, help you modify for safety and efficacy, and fine-tune each session to meet your fitness needs and goals. This individualized care and attention ensures you have better alignment and technique, which prevents injuries and helps you see results sooner. You will learn about your body, your anatomy to develop better self-awareness.

Of course, there are great trainers working at every gym. But not every gym offers private restrooms and changing rooms, and free spring water re-fills for your personal container. The rare ones that do have these amenities still lack beautiful hardwood floors, soothing pastel walls, adjustable lighting, diffused essential oils and yes, even crystal spheres that beam rainbows when the morning sun shines to create a spa-like setting. Believe it or not, it is possible to feel pampered while you work up a sweat!

At the end of the day, you won’t come back if you don’t feel welcome and that may be the biggest difference a boutique setting has to offer. Your teachers will know your name and remember your needs and preferences. Your classmates will become your friends. You will feel encouragement when you struggle and share celebration when you meet a goal. The boutique may start as novel, but it quickly becomes community – a place you want to be.

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