Private Pilates Training

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Private Sessions
One-on-one instruction with a Certified Pilates Instructor provides the ultimate opportunity to focus personal goals. Enjoy all of the benefits of Pilates as your instructor guides you through carefully planned sessions using appropriate apparatus, props, and assists. Whether you seek better posture, are healing from an injury, or want to look better in clothes, your journey to a better you will be encouraged, honored, and supported.

Duet Sessions
Share your fitness journey with a friend! A  Certified Pilates Instructor will personalize the experience for both of you in this equipment based class. Using appropriate apparatus, props, and assists, you will enjoy a total body workout and address individual goals. Warning: spontaneous laugher and generalized fun often break out during duets. Bring your happy face!
  Private Apparatus Sessions
1 Person

55 Minutes
1 Session


$75 (Master Instructor)
10 Sessions

$600 $60/session
Semi-Private Apparatus Sessions
2 People

55 Minutes

Per Person Rates
1 Session


$55 (Master Instructor)

10 Sessions

$380 $38/session

Please refer to our Equipment Page for details on what equipment we offer.
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