Apparatus Pilates Classes


Private sessions guarantee the exercises and activities offered are designed with your needs, body, and abilities as our primary focus. 

Duet Session

Duets provide a "visit with a best friend" feeling while your exercises are matched to what best suits the two of you. 

Groups of 4-6

Group classes offer a social dynamic and friendly encouragement to your exercise hour. Each student gets modifications and adjustments which suit their needs as they work with their instructor to meet shared fitness goals in the most fiscally conservative Pilates Apparatus option. All new clients start with an introductory private session. 

What to expect during a pilates session:

In the first minutes of your first session with us you will focus on the small movements which are critical in building awareness of the importance of breathing and stabilization. This helps us, working together with you, to recruit your muscles to work in the proper sequence, building balance and control instead of compensation or overuse. Movements performed automatically in daily life can be "taken apart" in this way, and turned into a tool to help you transform your body from the inside out. Instead of operating on auto-pilot, you will find yourself seeking ways to  optimize your physical potential.

Pilates is based on strengthening the body's core and moving from that strong, stable core outward to the limbs. Increased core strength and stability will be reflected in the limbs just as core weakness can interfere with the limbs and lead to injury. Pilates training put the limbs in an optimal position to do the work we ask of them. The precision and control developed by practicing Pilates under the watchful eye of a certified instructor leads to genuine awareness of how the body works and how to optimize that work, obtaining results from less repetitions and with lighter weights/resistance than other strength training methods. Unlike static stretching methods or traditional strength training, Pilates builds muscles that are long, lean, and strong through the full range of motion.

Whether your goals are enhanced athletic performance, living a healthier everyday life, or post-rehabilitative training Pilates can be modified to meet your needs. We look forward to sharing the benefits that Pilates has brought to our own lives - with YOU!