In Their Own Words-

"When I began with Christine I was attending Pilates mat classes, training with a trainer  3x a week, and taking 2-3 group classes at a gym. I changed that approximately 8 months ago and I now attend Reformer Group Classes twice a week, a Private Pilates Equipment class with Christine once a week, a Mat class, and work with my trainer at a gym twice a week. When I made that change I was a size 10, quickly down to a size 8, and now a size 6. The scale states little weight loss but my body shape has completely changed thanks to the training I get. I couldn't be happier! If you haven't tried Pilates, take my word for it- you HAVE to try it and very soon you will be getting compliments from everyone who sees you. Thanks to Christine for helping me look and feel better about myself!"  - Marion, Business Owner, Age 67

"Pilates is a wonderful life experience that I am very glad I did not pass by. I have significant lung issues and when I finish with my Pilates class I feel drunk on oxygen because my lung function improves dramatically and I breathe much easier. I was terrified to try equipment Pilates but I am very glad I did because Pilates has allowed me to understand and connect with my body better and to have more control over it. Pilates has also taught me better mental control- when a class/routine or really anything in life is not going well and I am not making as much progress as I would like, that is OK, tomorrow I can try again. For me Pilates is nourishment for my mind, body, and spirit- providing me with a calmness that I can't get elsewhere." - Natalia

"Breathe Pilates Place offers a very welcoming environment! The new location is beautiful with state of the art equipment. The instructors are very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions while providing wonderful guidance and information. All of the classes are enjoyable and each instructor makes you feel welcome!" - Dottie

"The new studio space is beautiful. It's natural wood floors and pleasing colors make it a tranquil and perfect place for practicing mindfulness and being in the moment. I like that they have hours that I can fit into my busy days. Whether it is yoga, pilates or facial movement, the instructors are knowledgeable, gentle and pay attention to everyone's needs. I have met all the instructors and they are all knowledgeable and caring individuals. Breathe Pilates is well worth a visit and to try a class. You'll definitely want to come back for more." - Lynn

"I started taking Pilates to help rebuild muscles after my pregnancy. It has allowed me to rebuild and gain a new awareness of the benefits of strength and posture. Class is always an enjoyable challenge!" - Stephanie

"Class at 6:30 am. lol........and doing side leg lifts with Christine! I love this place and you will to if you want a strong healthy body and mind. Teachers are awesome, classes are challenging and the studio is beautiful....really comfortable atmosphere! Check it out today!" - Deborah

I love being a long time client of Breathe Pilates Place. The new studio allows for me to include Yoga, Barre and Fascia classes to round out the benefits of my Pilates Reformer classes. I am pleased to say that my strength, flexibility and balance have improved immensely. I am grateful to have instructors that are highly trained and certified leading the way to a better mind and body for me as I strive to age gracefully with good health, fitness and mindfulness. - Debora

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